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Headquartered in Sydney with reach across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, RN Projects is a highly experienced network system integrator, specialising in design and delivery of complex data networks into hotels. We have worked in the building and hospitality sectors for almost two decades, delivering over 3,500 successful projects.

Our Partners

RN Projects has strategic partnerships with a vast array of OEMs and the leading manufacturers.


Supply channel partnerships and our pricing advantage

In addition to our strategic OEMs partnerships, our sister company Reivernet is the only vendor geographically endorsed by the five major global hotel groups, giving RN Projects a supply and pricing advantage.

Global teams and solutions

As part of the Reivernet Group of Companies, RN Projects provides our services 24x7, drawing on our global teams and a vast range of value-added solutions. These include Reivernet's own suite of solutions – world-class authentication, chrome casting and Guest TV gateways – which offer seamless integration and centralised support.

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Our Security

As part of the Reivernet Group of Companies, RN Projects keeps security front and centre of all business via the Reivernet Group’s Zero Trust approach to network security.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) describes the technology that allows for the establishment of 'zero trust' - an IT security model assuming that threats can come from both inside and outside a network.

Click on the image to find out more about the Reivernet Group’s approach to security. NOTE - this link will take you to the Reivernet Group website.